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Brickies Loam 'B'

Also known as Silver Sand. Some bricklayers may prefer this washed sand and it is ideal for anyone wanting a whiter finish and is a perfect partner for our Sunlite Off-White Cement. It is also ideal for sandpits, horse arenas, 
plastering and paving. 


Off White Sand

A fine pure white sand used in sand pits (but not recommended) and brick work where a brilliant white finish is paramount. 


Brickies Loam 'A'

Used mainly for brick and mortar work. This is a fine "fatty" sand that offers greater flexability. Used in a 4:1 Ratio (approx 12 bags cement/cubic meter does 1000 standard bricks).The use of Mortar Aid is recommended and offers even greater workability. Veneer Ties and Dampcourse are also available


Medium River Sand

A clean medium grade sand with similar applications to the coarse sand. 


Washed Coarse 
Bedding Sand

A clean coarse grade sand with numerous applications. Used for paving, tiling, bathrooms, horse arenas and topdressing lawns. When topdressing lawns it is recommended to airate the lawn first (lawn airator available in hire section)


Cheap Bedding Sand

Used for trench filling around underground services such as plumbing and electrical. This is a screened sand that is easily visable - an important factor if digging near delicate service pipes. Also used for bedding pools, spas, water tanks and fill for sand bags. 

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