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for all next day deliveries please ensure your order is placed before 12mid-day the day before.
All orders over 30M2 can be delivered to our yard ready for pick up with no charge.

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Sir Walter 

Sir Walter Turf Grass is the No. 1 most popular lawn Australia wide. Sir Walter turf DNA Certified Buffalo lawn grass is now listed by Real Estates as a selling feature! It is a grass that will thrive in full sun, however only requires 2-3 hours sunlight to survive making it one of the most shade tolerant turf grass varieties available.


Winter green Couch

Winter green Couch is a fine leaf couch with a rich bright green colour.
Like all couch lawns the area needs to be in full sun. This lawn can only handle 2 hours shade or it will die off.
Rich Bright Green Colour.
Fine Textured Leaf Couch.
Well wearing for Children and Animals.
Found to be fairly tolerable to most diseases.
If you live in a frost affected area, the Winter green Couch will brown off, but will recover by applying fertilizer and water.
Ideal couch for Parks, Sports Fields, Road Verges, Footpaths, Dam Walls, Residential Yards.
Ideal for budget lawns however if the area has more than 2 hours shade this grass will die off. Overall whole cost of life will be more expensive than a quality Sir Walter or Platinum Lawn as it will require more fertiliser, weed control and maintenance.



Sapphire Soft Leaf Buffalo turf has a deep green colour. It is soft to the touch and underfoot. It is a durable and robust buffalo variety that has a good recovery rate. Sapphire is the go to buffalo grass for active families and households with pets. Sapphire holds its colour through winter longer than most varieties.


Jari Blu native Zoysia

our new Jari Blu Native Turf. 

it has had a beautiful blue-green colour, low thatch, slow growing and is low maintence. and being Native Zoysia requires less water and fertiliser. it is also weed and insect resistant, hard wearing and 50% shade tolerant.


Platinum Zoysia

Platinum Zoysia really is ‘The Dream Lawn’ and the trend is moving towards it with good reason. It is a premium quality finer blade grass. Platinum Zoysia grass has been given the nickname EZ Grass (easy grass) because of its low maintenance, less mowing nature.


Screen Shot 2018-12-27 at 8.46.34 pm.png

 Oz Tuff Turf

Oz Tuff is Australian born and bred. It is a high wear, low maintenance, salt tolerant premium couch variety. Like all couch lawns the area needs to be in full sun. This lawn can only handle 2 hours shade or it will die off.



Palmetto grass is a cold hardy Buffalo lawn, which is frost tolerant and holds winter colour longer than all other warm season turf varieties, including Kikuyu, and other buffalo varieties.

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