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Small Truck (4.5T)

This little Canter truck can carry up to 4.5 tonne and has a split bin so you can order up to 2 products and is suitable for all yards.


Medium Truck (9T)

This medium sized truck is ideal for those large jobs around the yard. Can carry up to 9 tonne in product. It's a single body with no splitter. Please take into consideration the weight of the truck when making an order.


Isuzu Truck (14.5T)

Needing a load bigger than what the small and medium trucks can handle? This is the truck for you. Can hold up to 10m³ of product, and more if the material is lightweight.

       We deliver 7 days a week with no surcharge on the                                weekends and public holidays.


Payment:  You may pay with credit card over the phone or cash on Delivery. 


Remember you do not have to be home to receive a delivery. Pay prior either by credit card over the phone or by coming into our shop and speaking to one of our friendly staff members, make sure to leave clear and simple instructions on where you would like the load tipped (leave a sign where possible), and contact phone number in case of difficulties, and you can enjoy your day rather than waiting at home for a delivery to show up.


The delivery fee is per load. Only the one delivery fee will apply when multiple items will fit on the one load. Our small (4.5 tonne) truck has a splitter bin, so we can fit up to 2 items on the one load depending on quantities. Please ask one of our staff if your delivery will fit in one load.


Please consider truck access when placing an order.  If a small truck is required, please ask for one when placing the order.

Generally bulk items are tipped off the back of a truck, so LOOK UP. We cannot tip off under carports, trees, phone lines and especially power lines (we must keep well clear of power lines)

Our delivery charge for bulk materials does not apply to delivery of Blocks and Pavers. Delivery fees for Blocks and Pavers will depend of quantities and time frame of delivery. Where small quantities of Blocks and Pavers are delivered with bulk orders additional fees will apply.


PLEASE NOTE:  We take pride in having drivers who take extreme caution while on-site. If the driver is instructed to leave the road by the person receiving the goods and our truck gets bogged/damages property, the customer has full responsibility for the necessary actions, including costs, to resolve this matter  


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